The New Site Is Set Up, (mostly).

OK I’ve now finished the initial setup of the site. I’ve imported almost all of the pages from my old site. All of the “blog posts” prior to this message are the imported pages. Despite the date in the posts, they date back several years. I do have a couple more changes to make. Also I have my Animation Reviews section to add, but we’re 80% there.

I have to say that WordPress is great. It was not hard to figure out how to use it. It’s actually easier than RapidWeaver. The more I work with it the more capabilities I discover. On top of that the page templates all look far more elegant than anything I found in RapidWeaver. Comments are built in. Other special functions like page images with the posts scrolling in front are built in. WordPress is billed as a blogging tool. It’s actually a fantastic site creation tool. Plus it’s free.

If I’d known that I might have tried it earlier.