Christmas in Connecticut

Twas the week before Christmas
And all over the town
No joy is to be had
No singing abounds
Just the weeping of parents
who in anguish cry out
A town that’s in shock
A country in doubt
Oh Charlotte and Daniel, Olivia, Ana and Chase
Allison and Benjamin, James, Noah and Grace
Josephine, and Dylan, Madeline, Jack and Emilie
Catherine, and Caroline, Jesse, Jessica and Avielle
Why don’t you answer,
or come when we call
You were snatched away from us
At Christmas and all.
They just found blood on the floor
and the new fallen snow
was covered with spent casings
The smell of cordite hung low
For another nutjob had taken revenge
on his mother, his town, his state and his friends
But as usual innocents were caught in his sights
Snuffing them out like little christmas lights
The echoes are many
from Columbine so near
to Aurora and Oak Creek
(they were just this year)
From Killeen to Austin, San Ysidro and on
Edmond,Virginia Tech, Camden
they’re all gone.
Thurston, and Red Lake, Rikori, and on
Gone are their spirits
the classrooms are silent
Only chaos remains
And the questions spoke quiet
Why did he daddy
What made that man mad?
Why would he do something
To make us so sad?
And there is no answer
To the the innocent query
For the answer though simple
Is politically quite hairy
So as this Christmas eve
fades into a gloom
as the lights they glow dimly
and the flags hang at half broom
While we redouble our efforts
to make sense of this thing
I’ll just add Merry Christmas
And hope the phone doesn’t ring