Armstrong and Doping

What gets me about this whole thing is the hypocrisy. Not Armstrong’s. He lied and cheated and now is being forced to grovel. No it’s the hypocracy of those persicuting him. The other cyclists that are adopting a holier than thou attitude when every one of them were doingt the same thing. You simply can not compete as a professional cyclist without doping. Doubt that? Why did they not give Armstrong’s Tour de France titles to the guy that came in second? Because he was as drugged up as Armstrong. Sorry all of you guys are rotten to the core. I’ll believe you are clean when the race times drop by 10 or 20%. I’ll believe it when nobody breaks a world record for a decade or more. Until then you’re doping. You can just stop lying about it. You can just stop acting holier than thou about it.

I find it hypocritical that Armstrong’s sponsors are suing him to get their money back. Oh yes you used his wins to hawk your products. You made lots of money from what he accomplished. Now that this has come out you want to get your pound of flesh, your ten or twelve million back because he cheated. How about this, Armstrong gives you your money back and you give the hundreds of millions back to the customers as well. After all they were deceived too. Not going to do that? Of course not. This isn’t about your being deceived. It’s about greed.

Most of all I find it hypocritical and deeply offensive that the governing bodies are acting as if piling on Armstrong will do a fucking thing to clean up the sport. It won’t. While you’re parading in front of the public crowing about how you’re cleaning up cycling, all the other teams and riders are doing it in new and undetectable ways while your back is turned. Worst of all you know it. You know you can’t win, not while there’s this much money from sponsors and teams. They will figure out a way to get an edge and you know you can’t stop them.

The teams knew and know what’s goiung on. The sponsors knew and know what’s going on. The riders knew and know what’s going on. The fans either know or don’t care what’s going on. Everyone in cycling all know what’s going on. Yet everyone is piling on Armstrong as if that will solve the problem.

You just took out a user on the street corner and are acting like you solved the world’s narcotics problem. Stop patting yourself on the back. Armstrong may have been a cheat, and a lier, and from the sound of it a complete asshole, but he’s not the whole problem. More offensive than what Armstrong did is the holier than thou, hypocritical bullshit spewing from everyone in the media and sports.

You literally make me sick.