Daish: The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme

Earlier I posted the question Why? Why would anyone either under the direction of Daesh or acting in their name do things like the attack in Brussels. Why do something so pointless? I’ve thought about it a lot over the last few months and I think I’ve hit upon an answer.

Diash is a Ponzi Scheme.

Think about it. A Ponzi Scheme is where a small group starts selling shares in something. The more people they get to invest, the more those at the top take in. The idea that riches will flow down to everyone is a lie, there isn’t enough money. There can’t be. Eventually the people who set it up grab what cash they can and flee, leaving debt and regret in their wake.

Now, look at Daesh. One thing that’s not talked about is how much money they’re pulling in. From selling oil. From fines, and tribute and outright theft from the people under their control. From the sale of antiquities. The press was full of reports of how they bulldozed and dynamited historical sites, what they didn’t mention was they carefully looted those sites before destroying them. The artifacts have found their way into the antiquities markets at a huge profit. Daesh is raking in a pile of cash every month. The destruction was just to hide what they were really doing.

So where is it going?

To buy weapons? Nope, for the most part the foot soldiers are using stolen Syrian and Iraqi guns. To support the people displaced in their territory, they after all claim to have established a Caliphate, a government. No again, conditions under their rule are horrible, even for other Moslems.

So where is the money going?

Into the pockets of the few dozen people at the top. Not literally, I’m sure it’s finding its way into secret bank accounts in other countries, but the result is the same. They are skimming off everything they can, while the people that joined later will get left behind. Used as cannon fodder. Sent out on pointless suicide bombing missions. The missions accomplish nothing but to advertise Daesh and get more mentally ill people to jump in, which increases the profit for those on top.

Eventually, like all Ponzi Schemes, this one will collapse. And when it does, those at the top, with the fat bank accounts will flee. Those at the top already see the writing on the wall. They’re already setting up branch offices in Libya and elsewhere. After that they hope to fade away with their ill gotten wealth in some remote corner of the world. There they will have the resources to live like the Kings they claim to be. At least that’s their plan.

Daesh is merely a Ponzi Scheme. The most arrogant, flagrant, bravado driven, over the top Ponzi Scheme in history. But in the end the people at the top are just thieves and criminals, while those that fall for their slick web pages, and spectacular videos are just Patsi’s.