This morning at 5:00 I went out on the deck
There, under the stars I thought about the last few months
The cataract operation that went sideways
The cancer diagnoses
The surgery
The temporary blindness
The fear
The pain
And as I stood there looking at the stars
One thought came to mind
I’m still here
Bent but not broken
Harmed but healing
A month as an invalid but tomorrow I return to work
The bastard didn’t win this one
Oh some day he will win
He always does
For everyone
But that day is not this day
Oh sure I still have a second cataract operation to go through
And of course there’s chemo
And years of monitoring
But I’m still standing
I’m still here
I still have sights to see
I still have books to write
I still have art to create
I still have plays to perform in
And I can
Because the bastard didn’t win this one
Every day I’m still here
Every experience
Every dawn
Every embrace
Every breath
Is a victory for me
Fuck you mortality
For today at least
I win