I Hate Politics

I hate politics. I’ve hated politics since I was a child listening to the reports about the Viet Nam war. I hated politics in my youth listening to the Watergate hearings. At one point I was appointed to student government. I never showed up or did anything because even that young I could tell it was pointless. The school administration controlled everything, made all decisions of substance, and overruled the student government if they ever tried to do anything real. Also because, as I told them, I Hate Politics.

Oddly enough, in the ‘90s I got to be politically active. I guess I figured I was an adult and that’s what adults do: become active in their community politics. My accomplishments? I protested, I worked on projects and campaigns, I was active and vocal. What did it get me? A weight problem and high blood pressure. That’s it. Absolutely nothing I worked for succeeded. The city, state, and country without exception made the wrong decision, at the wrong time and did the wrong thing to the wrong people, elected the wrong candidates to the wrong positions. And they are all in far worse shape because of it. I even toyed with the idea of finding and supporting the worst candidate in each election, just because I knew they’d lose if I supported them. But no, it’s not me that is the jinx, it’s the system that has failed.

When we moved to Vancouver Island I dropped all political activity. I vote, but outside of that I don’t get involved, don’t campaign I’f my friends bring up politics, I cut them off cold. I don’t even want to talk about politics. So of course this year the BBC and CBC, and every other source of what’s going on in the world is fixated on Trump/Clinton. I’ve had to work really hard to NOT get regular doses of that asinine travelling circus. I mean seriously? These two are the best available for the job?

You know, I really feel sorry for those people who tell me that they’re going off to college to major in Political Science. It’s like announcing you’re going to work really hard to become a drug addict, or devote your life to making yourself the best damn psychopath you can be. Political Science majors make me think of the line from the American Negro College Fund “A mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste.” Politics is the One Ring of our age. It seems to give great power for good but in reality it is all corrupting, all the time, for everyone that lets it consume them.

So the graphic at the top of the page is my big middle finger to all of those whose lives revolve around politics. I created it to make clear of what I think of politics and those that purport to be involved for the good of the people. Those that think that Politics ever solves problems. No, it creates far more than it solves because the wants and needs of the people will never outweigh the influence millions of dollars has. I’ve seen many good people, Paul Wellstone for example, destroyed and corrupted by politics. I just say no, I will have none of it. I don’t know what the alternative might be but what humanity is currently using; corrupt oligarchies, corrupt dictatorships, corrupt monarchies, or corrupt democracies, are not working. Power corrupts and politics is all about power. Not who you help, but what and who you control.

Do I have a solution? No, but I don’t need to be an engineer to see the Titanic is sinking.