Social Media

Yes, yes I am on social media…some…a bit…kind of.

I mean I’m on Tumblr. I like Tumblr because it’s about ideas, things, thoughts, not people. I can find what I want, be it humour, or palaeontology, by topic. Oh I do have a few people I follow, and they’re great. But overall I like the being able to search for “Stevan Universe” and find other people who are posting stuff that’s related.

The other extreme would be FaceBook. It’s ALL about people. Contact with this person. Find that guy who used to bully you in High School. Follow what your young relatives are doing. Um…no. That’s not for me. I was on it a few years ago and I found out that most of the “friends” I had really had nothing to say most of the time. Not that stopped them from posting continuously. I closed that account after a year. Now I AM on FaceBook again. I use it to follow some theatrical and acting feeds. I use it to log into third party sites for comments. But I don’t post. I have as little information as possible tied to my account. I don’t “like” anything, I have no “friends”. It’s an information source, and nothing more.

Then there’s Twitter. It’s not even an information source. Sorry but 140 characters are just not enough to say anything of value. In an interview last Friday Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the 140 character limit was never going to change because “People can follow who they want, and it’s our job to make sure they see the most important things.” Sorry but in 140 characters you don’t get “the most important things”. You get the trite and shallow, and links to better sources that really tell you what’s going on. I’ll go directly those sources thank you very much. I’ve been on Twitter for about three years now and this weekend I gave up. I have followed a few sources on and off but found nothing of value. This weekend I unfollowed my last feed, and turned off cross posting from Tumblr. I haven’t closed the account because there are a few places that have contests where you enter by Tweeting “Sign Me Up I’m A #greedybastard” and I do enjoy that. But otherwise I’ve stopped using Twitter.

A few years ago I lost my job. A number of sources said I needed to get on LinkedIn because “It’s how companies hire professionals”. I set up an account with my information, my resume, joined all sorts of relevant groups and really tried to work the system. Out of all that I got nothing of value. Nothing at all. Oh, there were the daily ads from LinkedIn about how valuable and important LinkedIn was, and a couple of times per week there would be ads for party girls to go to Dubai. But as far as anything useful, nada. It was an utter waste of time. As soon as I got my current job, the old fashioned way I might add, I closed the account. Fortunately, unlike FaceBook, LinkedIn makes it easy to close and delete your account. I do get the occasional invites from people I know to connect via LinkedIn, but I ignore them. They’re likely internet scams anyway.

A while back Google came up with Google+. Even by their own assessment it’s been an absolute and utter failure. I looked around a bit, mostly because I have an account on YouTube and they made me work with it. I found a few little groups that felt like tight high school cliques that were not welcoming at all. General searches did not turn up anything of interest. Mostly, to keep the metaphor going, it felt like wandering around a high school gym on Sunday. You know something may have gone on there Saturday night but all you see now is emptiness and silence. Other than my YouTube videos my only post was “Welcome to Google+, the 21st centuries version of a desert island.”

I’ve looked at Pinterest and it was OK, but I like Tumblr more.

I looked at Reddit, but it’s a little too geeky for me.

And that’s about it.