Month: January 2017

Animation O

The Oblongs Probably the most cynical animated program ever created. The hill people are rich, beautiful and uncaring. The valley people are literally mutants from the toxic waste and other things that the hill people flush downhill. The thing is that the valley people are not angry and consumed with revenge. They live happy lives [Continue]

Animation N

Najika Dengeki Sakusen Combine the original Charlie’s Angels with bad T&A spy shows from the ’70s and ‘spice’ it up with way too many shots of women’s underwear and you have the gist of this show. She even has “Charlie” who gives her her missions. The bad people are either overly nasty Dr. Evil types [Continue]

Animation M

Macross Frontier Singing is the core of this anime but it can’t decide if it wants to be a giant robot story, love triangle story, political story, space story, or a music story. Yoko Kanno is the primary composer so as you might expect the music is wonderful, the best part of the series. The [Continue]

Animation L

The League of Super Evil Very silly fun. A group of self styled ‘evil geniuses’ live in suburbia. They have the costumes and the gadgets but are geniuses in the same way that Wile E. Coyote is a genius. Their plots blow up in their faces. They try things that fail. The neighbours mostly ignore [Continue]

Animation K

Kannazuki no Miko Two girls, one from a rich family and one not are thrown together in a little town in the woods. It turns out they are the priestesses of the Sun and the Moon. They have to perform various rituals and get to know each other. A group of generic evil characters is [Continue]

Animation J

Jimmy Neutron When I saw the trailer for the original movie I thought it was a crummy CGI heavy, writing light piece of fluff. When I saw that they were going to have a series based on the movie I thought it would last a few episodes and then be forgotten. After all series based [Continue]

Animation I

Ice Age (Movie) A mammoth followed much to his displeasure by a sloth who talks too much, find a human baby and journey to return it to the hunters. Along the way they are stalked by saber tooth cats and have a lot of adventures. Sid is the comic foil. Manny is patient, stubborn, and [Continue]

Animation H

Haibane Renmei A town surrounded by a high impenetrable wall. All sorts of people live in this town. On one side is an abandoned school and on the other an abandoned factory. These are where the Haibane live. Haibane are like everyone else, they have jobs, they grow up, have vices like smoking, they are [Continue]

Animation G

Garfield & Friends A bit of whimsy from the ’80s. Garfield the cat, Odie, and John their human run into adventures, pratfalls, and such in the suburbs. Overall it’s rather amusing if forgettable. Unfortunately in the middle is a USA Acres cartoon where a group of farm animals cavort interrupted by a saccharine song about [Continue]

Animation F

Fairly Odd Parents A rather cute story about a kid who has a pair of Fairy God Parents to grant his wishes. Flashes of inside jokes and references. Some of them get a little heavy on the “Educational” stuff but most of the shows are a lot of fun. There have been several movie length [Continue]