Lake of the Woulds

Far to the North is a special place. 
They call it the Lake of the Woulds.
People stumble across it quite innocently
Instead of doing things that they should
They come to it with great intentions
Meaning to accomplish many great things
But once there they always find
Achievements always come with strings
From far across the landscape
You can hear how they lament
They didn’t accomplish what they meant to
Much to their great regret.
I would have built that house
With the beautiful deck out back
But somehow I just didn’t get started
My week went all to heck
I would have written that novel
Filled with deeds of great renown
But the air conditioner was bothering me
I did not like the sound
I would have liked to get married
And had a family back in the day
But I was always just too damn busy
Though doing what I cannot say
I would have finished that invention
That was going to make me filthy rich
But I never quite got around to it
So I’ll just say ‘life’s a bitch’
I would have gone to school
Become a Doctor, cured a disease
But somehow it was less effort
To sit here and take my ease
So if you find yourself at the  Lake of the Woulds
You are welcome to enjoy a pleasant time
Or you could get off your ass and do something
Instead of sitting around writing silly rhymes