Petals petals in the air.
Petals drifting everywhere.
Petals flying all around.
Old graves are covered in petals crown.

Words words are in the air. 
Words are flying everywhere. 
Words of hatred, words of scorn. 
Words of poison from dusk till morn.

Drums drums are in the air. 
Drums are sounding everywhere. 
Drums of war they do abound. 
Drums that bury dissent with sound.

Guns guns are in the air. 
Guns are pointing everywhere. 
Guns they glisten in the dawn. 
Guns on all sides they are drawn.

Lead lead is in the air. 
Lead is flying everywhere. 
Lead is tearing bodies apart.
Lead is shattering both heads and hearts.

Blood blood is in the air. 
Blood is pooling everywhere. 
Blood from all stains the ground bright red.
Blood of loved ones who are all dead.

Tears tears are in the air.
Tears are flowing everywhere.
Tears of anger, tears of remorse.
Tears of sorrow, tears of loss.

Petals petals in the air. 
Petals drifting everywhere. 
Petals falling to the ground. 
New graves are covered with petals crown.