It’s Not The Hate

My dad always told me that companies advertise their weakest point. If they talk about their cars acceleration, you can be sure it’s slowest off the line. If they say their bread is full of vitamins, you can be sure others are better

With Trump’s election, the racist right wing in America has been emboldened. There boy is in the White House, time to try to reclaim the privilege they feel they’re owed. The thing is, there is a problem with these white supremacists. In fact the whole White Power movement has a fundamental flaw at its heart. 

They’re just not very bright. 

Look at the symbols they rally around. Some of them are neo-Nazi’s. They espouse racist pseudo science, and clutch copies of Mein Kampf. They stomp around in Hitler brownshirt uniforms looking like they took last place at a cosplay contest. But the costume is not the heart of the problem. The real issue is more fundamental. They are holding Nazi’s up as symbols of White Power. News flash: Nazi Germany LOST the war. You are covering yourself with the image of the losers. Nowadays Nazis are a punch line, a joke. Nobody takes them seriously any more than they take self proclaimed Communists seriously. Oh and who did the racists of Nazi Germany lose to? A combined multi ethnic, multi national, MULTI RACIAL force. Not only did they lose, their racial theories were proven wrong by the rest of the world.

And then there’s the flag they scream and yell to protect. The Stars and Bars. The Confederate flag. The very same flag that Robert E. Lee … took down when he surrendered to Grant at Appomattox. It is the flag of the side that lost the Civil War. Why wrap yourself in the banner of the losers. Why march and protest to defend statues of people who were not only on the wrong side, but the losing side of a war they were stupid enough to start.

And then there’s the Klan. The KKK is at most of these rallies. People in white robes and hoods. Dudes, fifty years ago that would have been terrifying. A Klan rally was a symbol of power, a symbol of hate, a symbol of violence. The Klan controlled some areas of the South. And admittedly they can still terrorize the odd small town family. But in reality, now they are a joke. Literally, LITERALLY, a punchline from a long line of bad movies and comedy sketches. They’re just a bunch of posers that stomp around and try to act like they have power. But guess what? If you look up “wannabe” in the dictionary you will find a picture of a klansman. They have no real power any more. They lost. They are by definition losers. Once again, why wrap yourself in the image of the losers?

Now, some in the white pride movement are talking about setting up a White Homeland. A place for white culture to be protected, to thrive. Huh. I guess that would be something like the Indian Reservations. And you know how well they worked to preserve their culture. How well the tribes have thrived in their ethnic enclaves. And even more isn’t that an admission that their vision of white culture is incapable of standing on its own? Aren’t they saying that white European Christian culture is so inferior that it needs protecting from all these other cultures in the world? 


So there they are, the White Power Movement. Proclaiming pride in the white race, by wrapping themselves in the trappings of every loser movement, and failed revolution of the last couple of centuries. Standing up for how “superior” the white race is, while demanding protection from other cultures. They’re too stupid to grasp how weak and pathetic that makes them look. It makes you wonder. Oh but it gets back to what my dad said about advertising. They advertised themselves as a white power movement when they really have no power, and are hardly a movement, and I suspect that a genetic test would show that none of them are really “white” either.

The thing I wonder about though, why don’t they promote white power by promoting real heroes who were white. Great scientists like Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein, or legendary musicians like Gustav Mahler and Leonard Bernstein, or doctors like Sigmund Freud and Jonas Salk. These are the real white heroes. Oh thats right, those guys were all Jewish. These White Power mental midgets are proud of white people unless they are Jewish. News Flash: you are already a minority in this world. Not a good idea to whittle down your numbers even farther for ridiculous arbitrary reasons.

For many years in the early part of American history there was something called The Paper Bag Test. The idea was simple. If someone’s skin was lighter than a brown paper bag, they were “white” and got rights and privileges. If they were darker, they were “black” and were discriminated against. It was a simple test, used by very simple minded people.

The irony, is that the people in todays white supremacist movement fail the paper bag test. Oh they all look like white nordic types. They fail the 21st century paper bag test. 

They are all dumber than a paper sack. 

There’s an old line that I keep thinking of. You know how in summer people will say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity?” Well, when you’re dealing with today’s white supremacists, it’s not the hate, it’s the stupidity. Thats what I find the most annoying. 

And I can say that because I am white. And as a white person, I want to tell you White Power morons something. Every time I see one of you guys, and have you noticed it’s almost always guys, I guess for the most part women are smart enough to not fall for this garbage. Anyway when I see one of you show up at a rally, or an event of some kind, frankly you are embarrassing. You show up like somebodies idiot brother, and every other white person in the world does a facepalm. We’re all thinking, I don’t know him, no not any connection to me, no not my family. 

Hey Racist White Power Morons. You’re embarrassing the rest of us. Just stop it.