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I am a huge fan of animation. From chuck Jones to the latest Anime I just love the power and flexibility of the medium. I started a catalogue of what I have watched with a description and my opinion of it to help me avoid rewatching stuff. Here is the catalogue

Decades ago I drew our Christmas card as more of a joke than anything else. It was received well so I kept it up. Now it's become a thing, and a good measure of how my art has improved over the years.

Site Update:

February 14, 2022: Finished the Animation section.
April 11, 2022: Acting and Christmas Card Sections done.
May 2, 2022: Art Section redone in the style of the Christmas Card page. Also I updated several entries for the Animation pages, Code Lyoko, Kino's Journey 2017, and Wonder Egg Priority.
December 2, 2022: Added Christmas card and more Anime. Edited the front page and eliminated several sections.
April 23, 2023: Apperently when I edited the front page I damaged it. I just recently noticed that the Home Page was broken. Oh well, time to edit it anyway. So now I'm fixing the Home Page, and adding several items to Animation.
October 2023: After repeated hacking incidents that took the site down, our host, MacHighway moved us to a new, updated, server. That, plus getting rid of all the kruft that had built up over the decade and a half we've had the site up should solve the issue. Also, I am making preperations to roll out a podcast series. Links will go up on this site, a big redesign to the home page. You will know when.

I'm a, writer, and artist living on Vancouver Island. I'm also a cancer survivor. As a general rule I hate all things political, rude or nasty people, (hence the political part), and generally just try to stay back and let the world go by.

Dec 2022: I've pared the site down to the two sections that I primarily used it for, My log of Animation, and my Christmas Cards. The other sections I had on here I just never used. Eventually I may find something deserving of a new section. Until then though, it's time to streamline.

I am on Social Media, some at least. (In 2022 I cut out Instagram, doubled down on Tumblr and boosted my use of Pillowfort. Not on any other sites.) You can follow me on


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