I am an artist. Oh I did not go to art school and get a degree, but I have drawn for a long time. I first started getting serious in Biology and Palaeontology classes. As one instructor told me, "You don't really see something until you draw it. Only then do you get the details." Later I took oil painting and for a long time I carried a drawing pad, pencils, and a Rapidograph pen with me wherever I went. But it wasn't until computer art programs got to be simple, and easy to use, and powerful enough to do more than fiddle with, that my art really took off. First I worked with desktop computers, and more recently using my iPad and Apple Pencil. At the moment Affinity Designer is my go-to for vector drawing, and I'm using Procreate for a more realistic experience. It's like having every possible tool and media at you fingers whenever you want. Pencil, brush, want to do a landscape in watercolours? It's all there in the program. I know purests will say it isn't the same as a "real" media. But hey I'm not a professional artist remember? I do this for fun. Here is, in no particular order, some of my work.

This was a big step forward. Done in Procreate of course, but I experimented around with smudging the image. Laying down stripes and blocks of colour with the Pencil, and then smudging it with my finger to blend and soften the strokes. I'm very happy with the results. The clouds ended up with real depth. The sea surface is a bit fuzzier than I expected, but it still works. This was one picture I finished thinking it was ok, but then when I looked at the whole thing the next day my first thought was "Whoa, I did THAT?"

2021 marks ten years since the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Japan. This image came to me that morning as I woke up. With Designer I put together the basic image in a few minutes. Then I fiddled with it for the rest of the day. I posted this with the thought, "Fukushima 2011 to Covid 2020, and in between we've had violence, storms, riots, climate change, and populism. Let's work to make the next ten years better than the last ten."

One morning in the middle of winter as I went up the stairs I found the moon was lined up with the cut glass insert in our front door. I grabbed the only camera at hand, my iPad unfortunatly, and snapped a shot. I took it because it was very beautiful. Once I looked at the image though, I realized it was a Rorschach test. I can see about half a dozen different images in the various bits. It's a cut glass tangram.

I was just goofing around in Procreate playing with transparant fills and layers. It ended up looking really cool.

Here is one of my cartoons. I believe I used Designer for this, though the background might have been Procreate.
At one point I decided I wanted to do a "real" oil painting. I think I spent about two weeks on this. The basic design was not difficult, but I wanted to get the hair just right. At times I was using Procreat's Short Hair brush on it's nearly finest setting, laying down just a few strands of hair at a time. I worked through lunch every day colouring the painting. It was meticulous work and each day I'd see little advancement. But slowly the fox appeared. Oh and no I didn't misspell Prey. That IS what the fox would say.

One day after the SOB in Chief did something particularly asinine, I decided to do a cover for the autobiography he will eventually write. Designer, with the hair by Procreate.

Sunrise from my deck. I just wanted to do some more practice with Procreate.

One of a number of spoof ads I've done. I love the idea of someone selling distilled water as a subtle fragrance. Then using the catch phrase "Are You Vancant?" brings it all together. Sort of an Emperor's New Clothes, vibe with this one.

Another spoof ad. Covid arrived and I discovered that Hanes had pivoted and was making masks. I thought about this and came up with what would have been the worst marketing failure since New Coke. Designer, though in reality it's just a collage of images off of the web and some lettering.

Another Covid inspired drawing. Just something quick I did in one lunch hour in Procreate. Fun fact it was inspired by, and is a bit of a caracature of, someone I used to work with. I never told him though.

Designer all the way on this. I came across the African philosophical Koen I Am Because We Are. It remided of the European concept I Think Therefore I Am. However, they were being portrayed as two disimilar ideas that defined opposing and incompatible views of humanity. I disagreed, to me they are two of the three pillars that define the human experience. Without I, Us, and Thought, humanity would not exist.

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