I am an artist. Oh I did not go to art school and get a degree, but I have drawn for a long time. I first started getting serious in Biology and Palaeontology classes. As one instructor told me, "You don't really see something until you draw it. Only then do you get the details." Later I took oil painting and for a long time I carried a drawing pad, pencils, and a Rapidograph pen with me wherever I went. But it wasn't until computer art programs got to be simple, and easy to use, and powerful enough to do more than fiddle with, that my art really took off. First with desktop computers, later on I've started using my iPad and Apple Pencil. At the moment Affinity Designer is my go-to for vector drawing, but I'm using Procreate more and more. It's like having every possible tool and media at you fingers whenever you want. Pencil, brush, want to do a landscape in watercolours? It's all there in the program. I know purests will say it isn't the same as a "real" media. But hey I'm not a professional artist remember? I do this for fun.

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