Author: Geoduck

Religion in Humor

I’m a comedian. (And an actor, and a writer, and an artist as well, but that’’s another story.) As a comedian I really feel that most things are fair game. I can have a joke that includes nearly any subject. HOWEVER there are a couple of rules. First you cannot make fun of the victim. [Continue]

It’s Not The Hate

My dad always told me that companies advertise their weakest point. If they talk about their cars acceleration, you can be sure it’s slowest off the line. If they say their bread is full of vitamins, you can be sure others are better With Trump’s election, the racist right wing in America has been emboldened. [Continue]


I Hate Politics There, I said it. I despise politics and the sleazy people that make it their life’s work. But no, I don’t think getting businessmen or other civilians involved will improve things. It will only corrupt good people. It is the form that is fatally, terminally, irreparably flawed. You see, I consider Governance [Continue]


Petals petals in the air.Petals drifting everywhere.Petals flying all around.Old graves are covered in petals crown.–Words words are in the air. Words are flying everywhere. Words of hatred, words of scorn. Words of poison from dusk till morn.–Drums drums are in the air. Drums are sounding everywhere. Drums of war they do abound. Drums that bury dissent with sound.–Guns guns are [Continue]