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This list will grow over time as we try more places. It is a “living document”. It’s also, at this point in no particular order. If I get enough I’ll alphabetize them. ABC Family Restaurant. (Nanaimo) We really like the place. Just normal home cooking at good prices. Nothing fancy. A couple of friends of [Continue]

The Animation Dark Ages

Like many art forms, animation has gone through many periods of good and bad. And like those other cases there were many causes. In the early years cartoons were done by hand. An artist, or more commonly a team would draw and colour each frame, a time consuming and expensive process. In the late sixties [Continue]

Armstrong and Doping

What gets me about this whole thing is the hypocrisy. Not Armstrong’s. He lied and cheated and now is being forced to grovel. No it’s the hypocracy of those persicuting him. The other cyclists that are adopting a holier than thou attitude when every one of them were doingt the same thing. You simply can [Continue]


There’s a new branch on the family tree. My nephew and his wife just had a baby. Her name is Aria and the family is all a flutter over her. She arrived in the usual way and all concerned are doing well. You know it’s funny. I never wanted kids, and in that regard I [Continue]