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True Nature

The room was large. It had to be to accommodate the assorted VIPs, presidents, prime ministers, religious leaders, captains of industry, and their handlers. The walls were a light coloured wood, and the floor a commercial burgundy carpet with a geometric, and slightly annoying, pattern. The room had been pressed into service on short notice. [Continue]

Seven and the Human Condition

Scene: Starship Voyager, Sick Bay, in the Delta Quadrant. The lights are on but it is unoccupied. Suddenly the door opens and Seven of Nine walks in. Seven: Doctor, I require your assistance. Doctor: (Materializes next to the console) Please state the nature of the medical emergency. Seven: Doctor I am experiencing some discomfort. Doctor: [Continue]

An Environmental and Paleontological Examination of the Ecology and Habits of the Protist D. fantomi

D. Aalseth, S. Douglas, D. Scott University of Tihsllub, Department of Biology and Palaeontology Tihsllub, Norway Abstract: Camouflage is a common tactic in the animal world to avoid predation. From leaf and stick insects to chameleons, to squid and octopus, being able to blend in and avoid being noticed is a very successful strategy for [Continue]


A slim woman dressed in an ankle length white dress stood alone on the beach. Her black hair tumbled over shoulders and down her back to where a thin black cord was tied at her waist. She stood and stared across the waves toward the horizon seemingly ignoring all that was around her. At the [Continue]

MS In A Bottle

So where do I start? I guess with my name. Actually I guess not. It’s been a long time since anyone called me by my name. Actually, it’s been a long time since I talked to anyone. In my travels I’ve used the name LulzSec, and The Unknowns, and Cyberwarriors for Freedom, and many others. [Continue]

New Columbia

Martian colonies are always on the prowl for new veins they can tap and sell to Earth. It’s what keeps our economy going. That was where I come in. I am a prospector. I search out the ores they want and bring back proof. In exchange I get a tiny fraction of the earnings of [Continue]