Category: Poetry

Five AM Alarm

In southwest of Oregon a town was sleeping As dawn over the hill was gently creeping Up the eastern sky a glow was seeping Nothing stirred the dry air The town of a few roads and a few dozen houses Was an island in the midst of the sages and the grouses A white clothes [Continue]

Looking Up From the Bottom of Winter

Shoulders hunched against the storm Ice bouncing off my chest I saw a hopeful sight one morn’ A cold and frozen nest An icicle hung from the right Snow was heaped upon the rim It looked to be in sorry plight It’s chances they looked very grim But the tree held fast to it’s groom [Continue]

Pretty Little Kitty

Pretty little kitty Sleeping on the chair Slumbering the day away Life without a care Pretty little kitty Sleeping in the chair Rolled into a little ball Dreaming of fresher fare Pretty little kitty Sleeping in the chair Jaws twitch and claws extend Grabbing in the air Pretty little kitty Sleeping in the chair What [Continue]


We entered first grade together and passed through school in parallel I can’t say we were friends. You were more of a background character in my world And I in yours Different friends, different circles, different interests activities, distractions, passions Always aware of each other but not close Always friendly, you were nice, but not [Continue]