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The Expatriat

My friend he was feeling low The news had dealt him a blow All he could see around was worry and deep fear He then went on to say That the world that we’re in today Was so bad he felt he was about to shed a tear I looked at him a while And [Continue]

Apple’s Mouse Curse

Why can’t Apple make a good mouse? OK, that may be a bit strong. They have made some great mice. But every mouse they’ve produced has always had a fatal flaw. Never the same flaw mind you. But they seem to be incapable of making a mouse without some major issue. Apple was the first [Continue]


Yes, 2017 has been a wild ride. Three trips to the states. Ruth’s funeral. Mary’s funeral. An eclipse. Reduced hours for a while at work. Then late in the year Overtime. Two plays. Catching up with my cousin I hadn’t seen in at least 40 years. It’s been exhausting. Done with my iPad and Procreate [Continue]

Inauguration Day

The upcoming Trump inauguration reminded me of another inauguration day. In 2001 I was in Washington to protest Bush taking power. It’s hard too believe that it’s been 16 years. I was living in Minnesota then so it was only (!) a 24 hour bus ride. Best of luck to those going to Washington this [Continue]

So This is WordPress

So this is WordPress. I’ve had a site since 2001 and have used tools from iWeb to Dreamweaver to RapidWeaver with a number of others in between. Finally I decided to try WordPress. I like it. This site will slowly get the contents of my current site at Eventually I’ll be closing that site. But [Continue]