Christmas Cards
My first card was done as a joke, it was two fossil creatures and a joke about how old we were. (We were like 30 at the time.) But it was well received and so I kept doing it. Soon people were looking forward to my cards. Over the years I've progressed from hand drawn and inked images that I laid up by hand and photocopied at Kinkos, to computer graphics that I printed at home, to 3D images, to high level drawing and painting programs on a tablet. My abilities have improved with the technology.

2020: Covid, The Election, Trump, Murder Hornets, Lockdowns, the list went on and on. This years card was a bit darker than most years, but it seemed right. iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Procreate.
2019:For some reason I wanted to do something with snowflakes. In October as I was in the shower I just got this image of a snowflake on the card. I fiddled around with it and then it hit me at just the right angle to the sun, the snowflake would act like a prism and show a rainbow. Then it came together. At one point there was a poem across the page. At one point it had just one snowflake. But I settled on this. iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Affinity Designer. Final layout of the printed version on the iMac with Pages.
2018:A silly joke that hit me one day. Inside it reads Thank Goodness for the Internet. Here’s your card, (we email all of our cards). iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Graphic. Final layout of the printed version on the iMac with Pages

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