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NOTE: Site is under construction. It will take a time before everything is in place. Until then expect a lot of broken links and missing stuff

I draw and paint to relax. I used to use natural media, but frankly once digital became so easy and cheap I switched over. The Undo button helped a lot too. Here's a sampling of my work

I am a huge fan of animation. From chuck Jones to the latest Anime I just love the power and flexibility of the medium. I started a catalogue of what I have watched with a description and my opinion of it to help me avoid rewatching stuff. Here is the catalogue

I am an experienced actor with many productions to my credit. Here are a few stills from some of the things I have been in.

Occasionally I'll want to post a comment, or a picture or something like that. Often to reference from other sites when social media links won't work well. This is where those will go.

Decades ago I drew our Christmas card as more of a joke than anything else. It was received well so I kept it up. Now it's become a thing, and a good measure of how my art has improved over the years.
Site Update:

February 14: Finished the Animation section.
April 11: Acting and Christmas Card Sections done.
May 2: Art Section redone in the style of the Christmas Card page. Also I updated several entries for the Animation pages, Code Lyoko, Kino's Journey 2017, and Wonder Egg Priority.

I'm an actor, writer, and artist living on Vancouver Island. I'm also a cancer survivor. As a general rule I hate all things political, rude or nasty people, (hence the political part), and generally just try to stay back and let the world go by.

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