Why and Who.

I’m an actor, writer, comedian, cancer survivor, and by training a geologist and palaeontologist living on Vancouver Island
Over the years I gained experience and knowledge and wisdom. Now in my 50s I better understand what makes society work. It isn’t greed or power politics. A society only works when the members understand that everyone wins or nobody does. It only can survive when everyone is important. The amount someone has in the bank or how big a house or car they have or what social circle they travel in is not a measure of the person they really are. Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Elon Musk are/were far better human beings than a Donald Trump or Carl Icahn. It isn’t the money someone has, it’s what they do with it that counts. For that matter I’ll take a poor person who puts pride in their work over any rich person who puts pride in themselves. I am a lifelong atheist who donates to charity, not because any god tells me to, but because helping others is good for Humanity.

This is where you will find links to my essays on various subjects, to my short stories, to my poetry. There is also a catalogue of the animated series I’ve watched over the years. A link for the Christmas Cards I’ve made over the last couple of decades. Lastly will be links to my online videos and other art I’ve produced. It is a one stop shop for my creative output. I’m on some social media, Tumblr and Instagram, so you may run across links to things out there as well. I post to Twitter, but only post. I’ve never found it useful and don’t follow it. FaceBook is something I’ve used to access particular theatrical and other groups and pages. Don’t try to “friend” me on FaceBook. I have none. That’s not what I use it for.

So from this site you will get as clear a picture of who I am as you can without us sitting down over a beer and a burger.