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12 Oz Mouse Drawings that look literally like they were done by a preschooler. Stories that have little or no plot. It seems like sometimes the voice over talent has nothing to go on and they are just trying to fill long gaps in the dialogue. Trying to be edgy the creators forgot about any [Continue]

Animation X Y Z

Xiolin Showdown Omi is an apprentice monk. He and three other apprentices have to capture Shen Gong Wu, powerful and ancient talisman, before Evil Jack Spicer and his robots can capture them. Along with Omi are Clay who is a Texan, Kimiko who is supposed to be Japanese but she comes off as more of [Continue]

Animation W

Walking By Ryan Larkin. A man is walking. People see him. Others are walking. The film explores the abstract form if the human form in motion. Interesting. Beautiful in it’s own way. See also Ryan, Street Musique, and Syrinx. Wallace and Grommet: Curse of the Were Rabbit (Movie) For the uninitiated Wallace is a half [Continue]

Animation V

Venture Brothers A parody of the adventure family (Johnny Quest etc.) cartoons. Two brothers who are utterly inept and craven, their father Dr. Venture who is self centred and sarcastic, along with their bodyguard Brock who is over the top tough, travel the world looking for treasures, artifacts and such and running into strange bad [Continue]

Animation U

Up A very surprising film. Enjoyable but very grown up. The first 20 minutes or so follow the life of a kid as he meets the girl next door. They grow up, dream of adventures, and get married. We see them have a life together, have setbacks, and lose a child. Finally they grow old, [Continue]

Animation T

Tactics The adventures of a writer and monster hunter and his human and monster friends. Decent animation but sloppy writing. Tactics includes brothels, strip party games, and violence. The hero is a manipulative jackass and there is a strong romantic subtext between him and a daemon. The heroes rival is a complete jerk that does [Continue]

Animation S

Saishuuheiki Kanojo The Last Love Song on this Little Planet They are a couple of high school kids during time of war. He’s, frankly a bit of a jerk. She’s fawning and submissive. Then there’s a bombing attack on Sapporo. The bombers are destroyed by a fast moving super weapon. Afterwards it’s revealed that she [Continue]

Animation R

Reboot A bit of computer history. Set inside a computer, Mainframe. It was a very early series completely done in CGI. Over the run you can see how technology advancements improved the graphics. The premise is that inside the computer when the User loads and plays a game a cube of memory is marked off [Continue]

Animation Q

Quiet Country Cafe A girl runs a cafe in the middle of nowhere. When the cafe is severely damaged in a typhoon, she decided to see what the rest of the country is like. It is a very soft gentle story but there is nearly no thread. We learn that the girl is an android. [Continue]

Animation P

PandoraHearts Oz is a member of one of the four great houses in Europe. At his coming of age ceremony, there is a supernatural attack and he is thrown into The Abyss, a surrealist nightmare underworld. He escapes by making a deal with a demon named Alice. When he returns to the Earth he finds [Continue]