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There’s a new branch on the family tree. My nephew and his wife just had a baby. Her name is Aria and the family is all a flutter over her. She arrived in the usual way and all concerned are doing well. You know it’s funny. I never wanted kids, and in that regard I [Continue]


Was it necessary to drop the bomb on Japan? I don’t know. I know the people making the decisions at the time thought so, and they were the only ones that counted. I’m not sure that those of us that didn’t live through those times, with those experiences, and those pressures, and that history have [Continue]

Rebooting Haiti

For as long as I can remember Haiti has been a land of misery. The terror of the Duvalier years, first Papa-Doc and then Baby-Doc, which ended badly. Then an attempt to restart democracy, however the governments were unstable, the leaders were short lived, and were interspersed with coups and a second US occupation. Overlain [Continue]