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This was a bad year. LOTS of people died, actors, musicians, writers, artists, Americans everywhere from guns, Frenchman in Niece, Belgians in Brussels, Germans in Berlin, Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Philippinos, migrants in the Mediterranean, Minorities in Myanmar, and on and on. The UK voted for Brexit and the US for Trump, both results they will [Continue]


An amazing year. From acting on stage to colon cancer. From seeing friends & Family to thinking I wasn’t going to see anyone ever again. I don’t think anyone got the meaning of the crab, (cancer).


“Merry CHristmas from Lantzville”. I was busy, Marsha was sick, Cats were sick, I was looking for a job. It was not a fun period. One Saturday I picked up the camera and this little tree with one orniment. At the beach I got this. It does capture the feeling of life on the coast [Continue]


“Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday Season”. Sometimes I agonize over a Xmas card for days and weeks and sometimes I just see it and there it is. I saw Momiji sleeping in the guest bed I grabbed the camera and got the shot before she had a chance to move. Total time to make this [Continue]