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We knew that withing a few months we’d be moving from Minnesota to the coast of British Columbia. It’s my, somewhat abstract, fairwell to Minnesota Winters. Canvas on a G4 PowerMac.


In 2005 there were a lot of anti Gay, anti Women, anti Minority, actions both on the street and in the State Legislature and the US Congress. This is my statement on diversity. Canvas on my G4 PowerMac. Oddly enough the last desktop computer I owned. It’s all laptop and tablet now.


Down the block we had a neighbor that let stuff grow all over their mailbox. I’d wanted to do something with it for a couple of seasons. Finally I made some styrofoam eyes and, with their permission of course, created the “Mail Monster”. It was a bit weird to use a picture from July for [Continue]


“Light a Single Candle.” 2003 was a bad year. Both of us had lost parents. The shuttle had broken up on reentry. Bush started the war in Iraq. For these and a dozen other tragic reasons, locally, nationally and for the planet 2003 was a bad year. I did this simple graphic to reflect this. [Continue]


Inside it said”Global Warming Has Been Hard on Santa”. I used Bryce on my Blue & White G3 PowerMac. A huge bump in thechnology. Also this was 2000. I had been aware of Climate Change for at least a decade before this.


1997 saw the passing of a lot of remarkable people. Every orniment on the tree represents someone. The drawing style was inspired by Edwin Gorey, an artist whom had a huge influence on my style. Sorry about the quality. This was another one that had to be scanned from a copy of the card as [Continue]