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Elected Office is for Chumps

It is election time around here. Not Provincial or National, just local. City Councilmen, Mayors, that sort of thing. Last summer my sister stopped by for a visit and I mentioned that there would be an election in the fall in my little town. She immediately asked if I was running. Actually I was more [Continue]


The Hydra with a hundred heads Each with a forked tongue Take one out and two more appear From its scalp they are sprung Each snake head has a voice Filled with hate and lies This one is dressed in a fancy suit That one a toupee and long tie One is bombastic and blames [Continue]

The Post-Polling Era

So the writ has dropped and they’ve called an election in British Columbia. As Pooh would say “Oh Bother”. Actually this will be good because it’s our first opportunity to vote in Canada. What I’m not looking forward to are the polls. Every week this or that poll will say this party or that one [Continue]

I Hate Politics

I hate politics. I’ve hated politics since I was a child listening to the reports about the Viet Nam war. I hated politics in my youth listening to the Watergate hearings. At one point I was appointed to student government. I never showed up or did anything because even that young I could tell it [Continue]


The Cleveland Indians are playing tonight. There’s a lot of discomfort with their name, Indians, and mascot, Chief Wahoo who looks like something out of a bad 1930s cartoon. In a couple of months there will be the same consternation over the Washington Redskins. The offended people will still be protesting. The other side will [Continue]


NOTE: This was posted on Tumblr on the first of November 2016. Actually because I had surgery scheduled on the 31st I wrote it a week before that. It’s horrifying how accurate it ended up being. I can’t hit a lottery ticket or pick a winning stock to save my life, but THIS I’m right [Continue]

Governance and Politics

When I was growing up I hated politics. It was the era of Viet Nam and Nixon, and protests and scandals. To me it just sounded like a bunch of grown ups yelling at each other and I, a fairly quiet and shy kid, wanted no part of that. By the time I was in [Continue]