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The Mystical Quality of Cats

Cats are mystical creatures. Most people, even most cat owners don’t realize just how much. We think we own a cat. In reality cats come and go where they know they can do the most good. Such was the case with JarJar. She showed up in downtown Minneapolis and hung around the building where our [Continue]


Was it necessary to drop the bomb on Japan? I don’t know. I know the people making the decisions at the time thought so, and they were the only ones that counted. I’m not sure that those of us that didn’t live through those times, with those experiences, and those pressures, and that history have [Continue]


NOTE: This was posted on Tumblr on the first of November 2016. Actually because I had surgery scheduled on the 31st I wrote it a week before that. It’s horrifying how accurate it ended up being. I can’t hit a lottery ticket or pick a winning stock to save my life, but THIS I’m right [Continue]


I was on the couch watching an old Perry Mason. OK that’s redundant, all Perry Mason’s are old. But I mean an OLD one. One of the black and white ones where Raymond Burr looks like he’s wearing mascara. I suspect late 1950′s-very early 1960′s. So anyway in this one scene a Doctor is talking [Continue]

A Completely Safe Procedure

Ok, I just finished my PET scan. It’s the third one I’ve had over three years and I can say it is a time consuming but a safe procedure. First they lead you into a room where you change into surgical pants. Zippers, change, pocket knives, any metal will interfere with the test. Presumably if [Continue]