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Lake of the Woulds

Far to the North is a special place.  They call it the Lake of the Woulds. People stumble across it quite innocently Instead of doing things that they should   They come to it with great intentions Meaning to accomplish many great things But once there they always find Achievements always come with strings   [Continue]

Gif or Gif?

So one day I called the file Gif My friends acted like I’d emitted a bad whiff I’m not really sure If there is a cure But it seems to have caused quite a tiff So then I started calling it Gif And still some people are miffed I know not what to do Or [Continue]

The Least Common Denominator

“You want to do what?” was the incredulous reply. “Scan all of the religious and philosophical texts into a computer,” replied Mr. Simonsen. “Then the pattern matching AI we’ve created will go through them looking for patterns, common themes, connections.” “Why would you want to do that? What possible use could there be in such [Continue]

Gambling or Investing

Let me state for the record that I don’t gamble. I don’t play the lottery, or go to a casino, or play poker, or contribute to the office pool on this or that sporting event. Oh it isn’t through some misguided belief in the morality or anything like that. No, I don’t gamble because, I [Continue]

North Dakota Mountain Men

You may have heard Of the Rocky Mountains Or the Smokey Mountains But have you heard of the mountains In North Dakota, the Great Flat Mountains. Running from Fargo to Bismarck As far north as Winnipeg They tower over very little But are majestic just the same Their peaks are covered in snow From November [Continue]

Standing in Humour

You can tell a joke that makes fun of a group, if you are a member of that group. It’s allowed. You should not, no matter how accepted you feel you are by a group, tell a joke about a group that you are not actually part of. If you have no standing in a [Continue]