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Recently a friend of ours said something to my wife and I: “You two are such nice people. It’s really surprising. Most of the people we know that don’t have kids are jerks.” We found this to be quite funny. I mean, what about all the people who are jerks who DO have kids. But [Continue]

Christmas in Connecticut

Twas the week before Christmas And all over the town No joy is to be had No singing abounds Just the weeping of parents who in anguish cry out A town that’s in shock A country in doubt Oh Charlotte and Daniel, Olivia, Ana and Chase Allison and Benjamin, James, Noah and Grace Josephine, and [Continue]

Your Job or Your Life

You hear it all the time, the refrain about jobs: We have to build that pipeline. It will create jobs. We have to cut these taxes. It will create jobs. We have to strip mine that wilderness. It will create jobs. We have to build a highway through this neighbourhood. It will create jobs. We [Continue]