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Armstrong and Doping

What gets me about this whole thing is the hypocrisy. Not Armstrong’s. He lied and cheated and now is being forced to grovel. No it’s the hypocracy of those persicuting him. The other cyclists that are adopting a holier than thou attitude when every one of them were doingt the same thing. You simply can [Continue]


This morning at 5:00 I went out on the deck There, under the stars I thought about the last few months The cataract operation that went sideways The cancer diagnoses The surgery The temporary blindness The fear The pain And as I stood there looking at the stars One thought came to mind I’m still [Continue]

A Completely Safe Procedure

Ok, I just finished my PET scan. It’s the third one I’ve had over three years and I can say it is a time consuming but a safe procedure. First they lead you into a room where you change into surgical pants. Zippers, change, pocket knives, any metal will interfere with the test. Presumably if [Continue]