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This morning at 5:00 I went out on the deck There, under the stars I thought about the last few months The cataract operation that went sideways The cancer diagnoses The surgery The temporary blindness The fear The pain And as I stood there looking at the stars One thought came to mind I’m still [Continue]

I Hate Politics

I hate politics. I’ve hated politics since I was a child listening to the reports about the Viet Nam war. I hated politics in my youth listening to the Watergate hearings. At one point I was appointed to student government. I never showed up or did anything because even that young I could tell it [Continue]

The Sloppy Universe

In the middle ages people believed that the earth was in the centre of the universe. All sorts of machinations were developed, epicycles and such, to explain the motions of things in the sky. Then Copernicus wondered what would happen if you put the Sun in the middle. Suddenly everything else made a lot more [Continue]

Your Job or Your Life

You hear it all the time, the refrain about jobs: We have to build that pipeline. It will create jobs. We have to cut these taxes. It will create jobs. We have to strip mine that wilderness. It will create jobs. We have to build a highway through this neighbourhood. It will create jobs. We [Continue]