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Last month on CBC Ideas they did a documentary on Albert Camus, the Nobel Prize winning author. ( http://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/the-enduring-power-of-albert-camus-l-étranger-1.4439630 ). He was an interesting character. I learned things I never knew about him. His opposition to capitol punishment. His connection to Algeria. How he died in 1960 almost exactly one year before I was born. [Continue]

Stand up for The Right

It is not censorship to shout down the censors. It is not intolerance to reject the intolerant. It is not bias to stand against the biased. It is not bullying to ostracize the bullies. It is not bigotry to condemn the bigots. It is not hate to despise the hateful. It is not racist to confront [Continue]

North Dakota Mountain Men

You may have heard Of the Rocky Mountains Or the Smokey Mountains But have you heard of the mountains In North Dakota, the Great Flat Mountains. Running from Fargo to Bismarck As far north as Winnipeg They tower over very little But are majestic just the same Their peaks are covered in snow From November [Continue]


The Hydra with a hundred heads Each with a forked tongue Take one out and two more appear From its scalp they are sprung Each snake head has a voice Filled with hate and lies This one is dressed in a fancy suit That one a toupee and long tie One is bombastic and blames [Continue]

Christmas in Connecticut

Twas the week before Christmas And all over the town No joy is to be had No singing abounds Just the weeping of parents who in anguish cry out A town that’s in shock A country in doubt Oh Charlotte and Daniel, Olivia, Ana and Chase Allison and Benjamin, James, Noah and Grace Josephine, and [Continue]


This morning at 5:00 I went out on the deck There, under the stars I thought about the last few months The cataract operation that went sideways The cancer diagnoses The surgery The temporary blindness The fear The pain And as I stood there looking at the stars One thought came to mind I’m still [Continue]

John Vick, A Life

Poets are hunters, searchers, rangers. Poets dig after answers about the human condition. Poets seek truth as much as any Physicist does John Vick was a poet. John’s time took him to many places Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Minnesota He even spent some time in Canada He even spent some time [Continue]


Trump and Clinton, Putin and Assad Why are so many people in power so bad Snowden is a bad guy and Bush is so good It’s like A Dali painting or Lewis Carols wood Kim builds nukes, while China stands guard The next think you know they’ll claim to own YOUR front yard The Russian [Continue]


While chaos is about the land While the masses shout their just demands While the dictators call out their plan For their thugs to shoot the people The worlds leaders stand askew “Oh me oh my, what shall we do.” When the people know what’s right and true The leaders just spin and dither Gadhafi [Continue]

The Last Canteen

There’s a dusty road in a misty land Surrounded by miles of sand Along it stands ratty bar Just called The Last Canteen Inside the bar the light is low The stools all sit in a row Like the clientele Of The Last Canteen For they are soldiers, dead and gone Who stop for a [Continue]