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Political Correctness

I hate the term Political Correctness. The reason is simple. I never hear someone calling someone out using the term. Nobody has ever in my presence said “You can’t say that, it’s not Politically Correct.” without meaning it in an ironic way. I have never run across a case where someone used it to stop [Continue]

I Hate Politics

I hate politics. I’ve hated politics since I was a child listening to the reports about the Viet Nam war. I hated politics in my youth listening to the Watergate hearings. At one point I was appointed to student government. I never showed up or did anything because even that young I could tell it [Continue]


The Cleveland Indians are playing tonight. There’s a lot of discomfort with their name, Indians, and mascot, Chief Wahoo who looks like something out of a bad 1930s cartoon. In a couple of months there will be the same consternation over the Washington Redskins. The offended people will still be protesting. The other side will [Continue]


NOTE: This was posted on Tumblr on the first of November 2016. Actually because I had surgery scheduled on the 31st I wrote it a week before that. It’s horrifying how accurate it ended up being. I can’t hit a lottery ticket or pick a winning stock to save my life, but THIS I’m right [Continue]

Rebooting Haiti

For as long as I can remember Haiti has been a land of misery. The terror of the Duvalier years, first Papa-Doc and then Baby-Doc, which ended badly. Then an attempt to restart democracy, however the governments were unstable, the leaders were short lived, and were interspersed with coups and a second US occupation. Overlain [Continue]

Innocence of Muslims

A piece of filth called Innocence of Muslims has lead to protests across the world, violence, and the expected back-backlash from the west. Both sides are portraying each other with paper thin stereotypes and not paying attention to the other. So lets get a few things straight. Now, the Islamic world has a legitimate claim [Continue]

Governance and Politics

When I was growing up I hated politics. It was the era of Viet Nam and Nixon, and protests and scandals. To me it just sounded like a bunch of grown ups yelling at each other and I, a fairly quiet and shy kid, wanted no part of that. By the time I was in [Continue]