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Armstrong and Doping

What gets me about this whole thing is the hypocrisy. Not Armstrong’s. He lied and cheated and now is being forced to grovel. No it’s the hypocracy of those persicuting him. The other cyclists that are adopting a holier than thou attitude when every one of them were doingt the same thing. You simply can [Continue]

Muhammad Ali

One time when I was in the fourth grade, we were reading a unit in social studies on life in the middle east. I vaguely remember something about a kid named Ali in a dusty town. The pictures in the book were mostly yellows and browns. He was going about stereotypical middle eastern things. Herding [Continue]


The Cleveland Indians are playing tonight. There’s a lot of discomfort with their name, Indians, and mascot, Chief Wahoo who looks like something out of a bad 1930s cartoon. In a couple of months there will be the same consternation over the Washington Redskins. The offended people will still be protesting. The other side will [Continue]

Doping, Just the Tip of the Iceberg

This week Lance Armstrong dropped his defence against the accusations he doped while riding professionally. Opinions on the web very. As I’ve posted earlier my opinion is that he realized that it was a kangaroo court and even if he managed to prove his innocence this time around they would just keep coming back with [Continue]

Sports: A Modest Proposal

Recent Olympics have had all sorts of controversy about the judging of Ice Skating, and whether this or that activity should be in the Games at all. Rancorous arguments were caused by people disagreeing with calls or judging. Some years ago the Daily Blog on the SI web site wrote a piece that echoes something [Continue]