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Gif or Gif?

So one day I called the file Gif My friends acted like I’d emitted a bad whiff I’m not really sure If there is a cure But it seems to have caused quite a tiff So then I started calling it Gif And still some people are miffed I know not what to do Or [Continue]

The Least Common Denominator

“You want to do what?” was the incredulous reply. “Scan all of the religious and philosophical texts into a computer,” replied Mr. Simonsen. “Then the pattern matching AI we’ve created will go through them looking for patterns, common themes, connections.” “Why would you want to do that? What possible use could there be in such [Continue]


When you grow up you get to buy things you don’t want. That is the big truth of the week for all of you people out there that can’t wait to grow up. Much of the time you will be researching and figuring out what the best model is what the best deal is, what [Continue]

Air Safety

My cell phone talks continuously with the cell and WiFi networks. There is a record with my provider and Apple of exactly where I went and what I’ve been doing. It’s on a small box that cost a few hundred dollars thatI keep on my belt. An Egypt Air flight went down this week in [Continue]