A Golden Fleecing
February 2019, The Merry Andrews Players. I did this as a favour for a friend. He was trying to set up a new theatre group based in St. Andrews Church in Nanaimo. We did A Golden Fleecing, a very silly melodrama set in the old west. The first memorable part of this came early on. When Doug, the Director, sent me a note asking me if I'd help with a production of THE Golden Fleecing. There is a play by that name about insurance fraud by gangsters in the 1920's. I agreed and then when I found out it was the other one it was too late to change my mind, not that I would have anyway. This production had almost nonexistant costumes, terrible lighting, ad hoc sets, shared space, and the Director and I were the only ones with any actual acting experience. It was a tiny ratty little production, and I had so much fun doing it. Everyone loved the play, and they even turned a profit. Sadly the second production got delayed to 2020, then COVID hit. While the church was closed for the pandemic somebody decided to clean out the old junk that had built up over the decades in the closets and basement. They dumped everything from the theatre groups closet into the dumpster and The Merry Andrews Players was no more. In fairness I suspect it did look like old junk to them. But still it was a terminal blow.

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