Marion Bridge
April 2019, Echo Players. The premise of Almost Maine is that it is a series of vingettes set in a tiny unincorporated part of Maine in the winter. Relationships starting, ending, that are long gone, that should have ended, and so fourth. This was a lot of fun. For one thing as nobody had to remember a whole play it was a lot easier than my othe roles. My first charactor was in the opening scene. I was sitting on a park bench next to a girl I liked but was to geeky and nerdy to really open up to. I get particularly dorky, I modelled the charactor on Harold from The Red Green Show, and she leaves. Then I was back just after intermission, and again at the end, when she comes back. Part of the reson it was fun was that while she's gone and I'm brooding on the bench, the stage hands would wheel me on and off of the stage as part of the furnature. That was my idea and it worked brilliently. The other sketch I was in was about as different a charactor as could be. I was part of a married couple and we're arguing. It was a nasty, fairly viscious scrap that ends when she walks out on me. It was a different kind of charactor from what I've done before. It really stretched what I could do. This was another Festival play. This time though we knew that we wouldn't go anywhere though. It wasn't the kind of play that does well at Festival. By coincidence it was the same ajudicator for this as did Memory of Water. Same result though.

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