Ethan Claymore
December 2014 Echo Players. Ethan Claymore marked a big step. It was my big return after cancer. It also marked the first time I was the main charactor of a play. It also was the first time I worked with Wendy as director. She is really nice to work with. I also did Sound of Murder wiuth her and enjoyed it both times. This also marked the first time I perfrmed with Heather. We both lived in Lantzville and so drove up and back together to each rehearsal and performance. We got to be good friends. I only had one other chance to work with her, on Sound of Murder as it turned out.

The play was a lot of fun. I got to play Ethan and Ethan's father. We used the Superman gambit. Whenever we switched to a scene with Ethan's father the lights would change, I would put on some glasses with heavy black plastic frames, and I would change my voice. It worked quite well. This was the theatre group's holiday play so I was performing over Christmas. This made it more stressful than it otherwise would have been.

The run though, went very smoothly. The guy who played Douglas had a little bit of trouble with his lines at first, but the charactor was supposed to be drunk most of the time so it really worked anyway. I remember one time we had a light bulb overhead blow just before the end of act two. It sounded like a shotgun going off and one corner of the set got dark. but we just kept going on like nothing had happened. There was another time at the beginning of act two where I'm supposed toffer Vickie, Heather's charector, some tea. Convieniently there is a tea set on the counter in the kitchen. One time the set people forgot to put the tray on set. I had to think fast. I took a couple of cups out of the cupboard and poured "tea" out of a hot pot that was sitting behind the sink. I also had to drop one line about, "Help yourself to cream and sugar," as there was obviously none there. The Asst Director sitting in the booth, had noticed the tray was missing as soon as the lights came up and was sweating bullets over how I was going to handle it. As it turned out though she said it was seamless. Nobody would have noticed a thing.

Also this play required me to change outfits several times during scenes. I got very comfortable stepping backstage and dropping my pants in front of the crew. I also got to be very good at pre setting my clothing so I could go a change in mere seconds.

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