Exit The King
February 2017, Nanaimo theatre Group. Exit the King is by Ionesko. It's an absurdest comedy. But Ionesko is a tough playwrite and this was a hard play. The cast, crew, and director were great to work with. It was the script that was hard. Most plays are made up of dialogues made of short statements and questions. This script was made of paragraphs, whole pages of dialogue. And then the next charactor would say their paragraph. Usually I keep track on my lines by what I or the other actors are doing, moving, picking up, and such. We spent most of the play standing in one spot. I think I walked across the stage only four times. It made the lines hard to keep track of. The action is very surreal as well. Simply put, it takes place inside the mind of Barranger, the King, as he is dying. Each of us represented part of his id. My part was Doctor Death, representing logic, and cold facts, and death. In the first act we set up the premise. In the second act it plays out and each of us promise to stay with him to the end, and then leave. It's a very dark play, and as I understand it, comparetively normal compared to Ionesko's other plays. I don't think I'll be doing more of his work. Several memorable things. The set was built so that as the play went on things would fall off the wall and it would look more and more disheveled as Berranger got closer to death, which was cool. In setting the costumes I had a black robe and a scythe. At one point I had heavy boots with a two inch heel, which made me look huge and imposing. Unfortunatly I tried them on, walked four steps, my ankle turned and I fell on my face. I'm a bit too clumsey for heels. Also toward the end there is a place where Barranger starts on a rant about what is happening to him, and how unfair it is to him. Dr. Death comments, "Narcessism, a common malady," and I added a gesture of brushing my hair back just like Trump. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but The director and I loved it. Lastly the director would not let me take any pictures during dress so I only have a couple of shots of the set.

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