Marion Bridge
November 20197, Opera Nanaimo. My second Opera. Much higher production values than the Rigoletto, better set, better venue, (the stage at Vancouver Island University), and more experienced performers. Oddly enough three of the four cast members from Quartet were together, this time performing in an ACTUAL opera. I also got to perform with Doug, the Director of A Golden Fleecing, and the Stage Manager of Quartet. This was the third production of 2019 and to be honest I was ready for a break. Then a couple of months after the opera finished, COVID hit and I got almost two years off. Not quite what I was hoping for, but nonetheless, a break. Sadly I was not able to get any pictures of this production. It was a very beautiful set and Carol, the Director, had gotten Nanaimo Theatre Group to open up their costume store room for us. It was a really top flight production.

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