Ladysmith Radio Troupe
July 2013 Ladysmith Little Theatre. Toward the end of Memory of Water I read an audition call from the Ladysmith Little Theatre. They were doing a quick simple production. It was a staged reading, in constume, of a couple of 1940's radio plays; a Philip Marlowe mystery The Green Flame and a Fibber McGee and Molly comedy The Piano Lesson. It could not have been easier. We had our scripts on stage. There was a bit of rehearsal, for timing, and to get the Foley Artist sound people up to speed.I remember this play because I really got to start playing with voices. Each one of my charactors had a different voice and I made up a short backstory to explane why. I really love working with voices and accents. All in all it was fun and very easy.

Or at least it should have been. During the run I had a botched cateract surgery. Then I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. (This explaned why I had lost like 70 pounds during the run of Memory of Water. I had tried to tell myself it was stress, but no.) It was a difficult time. As a result, I don't remember much about the play itself. I would love to do another staged radio play. A few years later I read for the radio play version of Wonderful Life that Echo Players was doing. I said I would be happy to be part of it, but because I was in rehearsal for Ethan Claymore at the time I did not want to be a major charactor. She wanted to cast me as George so I had to drop.

One other aspect. the theatre troup had a very senior person who stuck his nose into every production. To be honest I found him very sexist toward female directors, and very condicending to everyone else. I didn't perform again with the Ladysmith Little Theatre until Quartet, which I knew he wasn't involved with.

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