November 2017, Ladysmith Little Theatre. This was a fun play. I played Wilfred, one of four retired opera singers in a retirement home. I was the joker of the group. Thecast was fun, the team was good, the story was delightful. I really did love doing this play. We did have a cold running through the cast during the run, so I was worried at one point I might lose my voice, but I didn't. I started keeping a flask of water and some cough drops in the pocket of my costume and I did need a cough drop a time or two. And there was one time I got stuck. I always tye words to actions. In this case I'm talking to the other actor, I put my hand in my pocket and that is the que for me to say, "Oh that reminds me..." and I go onto a totally different subject. You know like old people do. One night I got to the end of my line but forgot to put my hand in my pocket. That didn't remind me to say the line. I stood there and drew a complete balnk on what I was supposed to say. Fortunatly the actor that was supposed to come on two minutes later realized I was stuck and entered early to bail me out. I was greateful, but the root cause was I didn't know my lines well enough. Lesson learned.

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