October 2014 Vancouver Island Opera. After my bout with cancer, and seven or eight months of Chemotherapy I was ready for another project. I saw a call for auditions. Vancouver ISland Opera was looking for people to sing in the chorus for their production of Rigoletto. I mentioned this in jest to my wife who to my amazement jumped at the idea. We auditioned and were accepted. About halfway through the rehearsals we had learned the music, mostly, and they started staging. Suddenly she realized that in opera "the Chorus" isn't a bunch of people in the back wearing dark robes and singing. No the Chorus in opera are on stage, acting. They are the townspeople, the mob, the soldiers, the background. She's a fairly reserved person and this was not what she signed up for. But she had made a commitment. So she stuck it out and was on stage with the rest of us.

To be honest this was a very low budget, small production. Tatiana who was overseeing the production was a former professional opera signer, but she was up in her '80s by this time. This was nearly the last production she was involved with. Still it was a lot of fun and I'm glad we got to do it. I'm especially glad my wife joined me on stage. I'm pretty sure it will be the only time she does. I do think though that it primed the pump for a few years later when we started watching opera together. The Met Opera does live broadcasts to the local theater. We've had a good time seeing those.

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