SPAM & Maple Syrup Pt. Deux
May 2018, Echo Players. This was a sketch comedy show. I had three parts. I did the opening announcements as Mr. Gumby from Monty Python. that was memorable because I was told later that someone overheard an audiance member commenting that it was nice they "hired an actual mentally handicapped person to do the announcements". Seconmdly I was in a sketch called Decorum Above All, I wrote the sketch, directed it, and played Mr. Dunnage. then I sang the Tim Lehrer song Poisoning Pigions in the Park, the first time I had sung a solo on stage. Lastly I was in the chorus for The Lunberjack Song, also Monty Python, for the closing credits. This was a blast to do. Sadly I was not able to get any shots of the actual show.

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