The Sound of Murder
February 2016, Echo Players. The Sound of Murder was a bit of a change. It was the second time I worked with Wendy as director and acted with Heather. However unlike Ethan Claymore this was not a light comedy. The Sound of Murder was a drama. Heather's charactor's husband was an abusive jackass. I was having an affair with her and we come up with a plan to kill him while giving both of us an alibi. Things get very complicated, there are betrayals, and double crosses. I got to shoot the husband on stage. I got to do angry at times, despondant at times, and extatic at times, sneaky at times. I loved stretching myself like this.

The only issue was that one of the actors simply could not remember their lines. He was only around for the beginning, and then at the end, but at the end he had a several minute long monologue.He was supposed to prowl around the stage, and lay out how he had manipulated everyone to make them as miserable as possible while his wife sits there looking on in horror. He'd get stuck and there was nothing Heather could do help. She just had to sit there under the lights, silently, center stage, and wait. One time in a dress rehearsal he added something about "there's someone at the door," left the stage and checked the script. He kept saying that he would know the lines, but he never did. Finally he tried putting notes around the set to jog his memory. Wendy would have none of that because it was obvious he was looking for the notes. Finally she put a wire on him and had one of the other actors backstage feed him his lines when he got stuck. This made for a tense set, and it was the actor's last production. It did teach me something about acting. Keep ego out of it. IF you are having trouble be upfront. IF you need help, be upfront. Also to keep asking myself if it's time to hang it up. I don't want to be the old guy who keeps going long after my prime. Remember when Willie Mays fell down in the outfield.

The production actually went fairly smootly. There was the one night when a gel in front of the lights over the stage caught fire. Heather and another actor were having a tense conversation at the end of act one, when bits of ash started falling down between them. There was no fire though. The pictures were taken during dress rehearsal one, when I forgot to wear my hat for the shooting scene. Dress two was when I forgot the gloves. The production shows though I never missed either one. This was the show when I doscovered I liked trench coats and fidoras. Eventually I'm going to get a nice set and maybe a suit jacket. Mostly though the run itself went well.

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