The Table
November 2015 Echo Players. I've wanted to try Directing for a while. My idea was to write up a sketch, actually a series of sketches around a common premise, and then stage them for the Echo Players Villiage Theatre One Act Play Festival. Mike and I read through it, but with other things going on, and a lack of courage on my part it never happened.

So the festival came and suddenly on the first day I got a call from Mike. One of the groups had dropped out at the last minute. Could ge do a staged reading of The Table. Not to be judgedfor the festival, but as a placeholder, so the evening didn't end after the first twanty minutes. I said sure. One other guy and I got together and read through a couple of times, and then we went on.

The table is several stories linked by this: In theatre things are what we say they are. We suspend disbelief and accept that this space surrounded by black curtains is Elizabethan England, or the deck of a ship, or hell, or whatever. In this the protagonist is a table, I was thinking a heavy four legged oak dining room table. With tablecloths it could be Rogers and Hammerstein's piano, or the desk of the receptionist in hell, or a wall behind a couple of old guys chatting in the park. It could be anything. It was actually a lot of fun to do. We got some good feedback too.

Instead of stills of us just sitting there reading scripts, here is a link to the audio recording I made of The Table.

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