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Ice Age (Movie)
A mammoth followed much to his displeasure by a sloth who talks too much, find a human baby and journey to return it to the hunters. Along the way they are stalked by saber tooth cats and have a lot of adventures. Sid is the comic foil. Manny is patient, stubborn, and despite his protestations, very kind. Diablo is sneaky and conniving but in the end he discovers what it means to be in a herd rather than in a pack. A fun film if not hugely deep. The interaction between the characters, both dialogue and the subtle looks and expressions, is amusing along with the sight gags. The squirrel creature and all the troubles he has getting some nuts is a running gag throughout the film.

Ice Age: The Meltdown (Movie)

Manny, Sid, and Diablo are together again. This time they are in a valley and have to escape before a huge ice dam at one end collapses and floods the place. (This actually happened at the end of the last ice age. Google Missoula Flood for more information). Manny is having a crises early on because he is beginning to think he is the last mammoth alive. As they are traveling they encounter a couple of opossums, and a lady mammoth who was raised with them and consequently thinks she is an opossum as well. It is an amusing film, a bit sillier than the first one but not nearly as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be. The story is pleasant enough, though the plot is more of a string on which to hang a series of jokes than deep literature, but that was the part of the first
Ice Age that I liked best anyway. The story is a bit darker than the first, critters actually get killed, and there is real menace from a couple of predators in the water but that makes it a stronger film. On the other hand they softened Diablo a bit too much and frankly the opossum brothers are annoying and it does get a bit schmaltzy towards the end. But Manny is still moody, Sid is even more of an idiot, and the squirrel still has lots of misadventures hunting for his acorn. I liked it more than I expected (it is after all a sequel).

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Movie)
The third in the series. Manny and Ellie are expecting. Sid is feeling left out, he stumbles on some eggs that he decides to raise. They hatch and turn out be T-Rex. The T-Rex mamma comes to get her kids and takes them and Sid to a hidden underground world where Dinosaurs still live. The rest of the herd follow to save Sid. The story is fun if silly. The animals are a bit more cartoonish. The whole thing is not as edgy as the first but it’s fun. I never thought I’d say it but there is a bit too much of the squirrel. There is a whole parallel plot about him his nut and a lady squirrel that is a bit distracting.

Iggy Arbuckle

An obvious copy of
Camp Laslo. Kids in the form of animals trapped forever in a summer camp run by other animals. Derivative with lower quality animation. At least in Camp Laslo you can tell what the animals are.

IGPX Immortal Grand Prix Extreme
Great concept. 350mph+ racing humanoid Mechs and their pilots. Intrigue. Conflict between teams and within the team. Could be fun except that the writing is lousy. The characters are two dimensional at their best. The young undisciplined rookie. The wise old coach. The over the top bad guys on the other team that stop to fight even when they were already winning. Very quickly it became a high speed version of roller derby.

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