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Japan Sinks 2020
Ayumu and her brother Gou live with their parents in Tokyo. There is a huge earthquake and the family flees the city as it is subsiding below the sea. The whole series is them fleeing as more and more of Japan is flooded. Many things are lost, friends, and family and they endure terrible hardships. They meet people and make friends on the way, and lose them. Some people they meet are good, some are bad. TRIGGER WARNING: Several deaths are shown in a very graphic way, and there are a couple of sexual assaults. It’s not done gratuitously, just very realistically. The show is quite well done, unfortunately the end is weak. It felt like they ran out of story and just did a ten minute photo montage of everyone happy and successful in a rebuilt Japan some years later. Other then that the series was quite good.

Jimmy Neutron

When I saw the trailer for the original movie I thought it was a crummy CGI heavy, writing light piece of fluff. When I saw that they were going to have a series based on the movie I thought it would last a few episodes and then be forgotten. After all series based on lousy movies are not any better. I have to admit that when I actually caught this full 3D story of a ridiculously intelligent kid who keeps getting tripped up by his own hubris I was pleasantly surprised. OK it is not Pulitzer prize writing but the stories are amusing and they keep putting in details, references to films or other shows, and strange quirks that keeps you on your toes. I have grown to like it. The movies where Jimmy and Timmy from
Fairly Odd Parents visit each others universes are really fun.

Jimmy Two Shoes
Jimmny lives in a town called Miseryville run by an evil businessman. His friend Heloise is an evil scientist who has a crush on him. His friend Beezy is a not too bright monster. Through it all Jimmy is always happy, upbeat, and playful no matter what life throws at him. Mildly amusing. A moderatly good send up of the concept of Hell.

Johnny Bravo
The (mis)adventures of a shallow himbo (male bimbo). Though it had some promise, when they started having celebrity guest stars it was obvious they were running out of ideas. OK, I know they were trying to parody other series that did the same but without a solid storytelling foundation it does not work. Then the scripts just became repetitious.

Johnny Test
A kid of indeterminate age deals with all sorts of baddies plus school. His two genius sisters invent things in their lab to help him, and his best friend is his dog who can talk. It could easily have ended up being typical pabulum for the after school crowd but it actually is a cut above. The stories are silly but fun. There are lots of self conscience jokes. The phrase `that was convenient` is used to break the fourth wall a lot. Overall they did a decent job on a surprisingly amusing show.

Jujutsu Kaisen
A kid accidentally becomes a vessel for part of an ancient demon. He joins a group hunting for the rest of the parts of the demon. He’s learning how to act, and how to deal with the entity existing within him while learning to control his abilities, and deal with other demons on the way. High energy and very violent, it has quite good animation and writing. Not really my thing, but I can tell it’s well done.

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